Senior scientist (research focus: gender equality) (based in Africa)

The Institute of Global Value Inquiry (IGVI) calls for applications to the position of a senior scientist with a specialisation in gender equality and women’s rights. The senior scientist will be based in Africa. She or he will become a key member of the first generation of IGVI’s core team of researchers, who will jointly organise cross-cultural research into values. Among the main responsibilities of the IGVI senior scientists will be: leading small research groups of three to five members; organising annual conferences; and editing the Journal of Global Value Inquiry, together with the fellow senior scientists and the institute’s co-directors. After her or his appointment, the senior scientist may form an IGVI funded research group on questions of gender equality (which will include designing a call for applications to the positions within this group). The employment of the senior scientist will be for an initial period of four years. While the employment of the other members of the research group will end after this period, the senior scientist’s position can be extended on an ongoing basis.

IGVI is a newly founded institute for advanced studies in the humanities that is dedicated to genuinely global research into values and norms. It promotes inquiry into which values and norms are, or could be, globally shared (and which are not), and funds research that is conducted across political, cultural or linguistic boundaries, with a special concern for views from the Global South. The organisational structure of IGVI is decentralised, as it is designed to support research structures in the Global South and research cooperation across the world. IGVI senior scientists may in principle work from any country in the Global South (broadly understood), with a remuneration that will generously cover the cost of living and of research in the respective place(s) of residence and work. However, in this first call for applications, IGVI is looking for a philosopher in Africa with a specialisation in questions of gender equality. The prospective senior scientist may keep an existing university affiliation while working for IGVI, in which case she or he would be employed on a part-time, although potentially ongoing basis. Alternatively, senior scientists without a university affiliation at the start of their employment with IGVI may be remunerated on a full-time contract.

Applicants to the position must have a phd/doctorate in philosophy or in a neighboring discipline in the humanities. They should send the following documents to by September 15, 2024.

  • a CV and a list of publications
  • five to seven written documents containing results of research into values and norms (no more than five article length works and no more than two book length works)
  • a summary of the candidate’s expertise in questions of gender equality (no more than six pages long)
  • a short outline of an idea for an African or intercontinental research group on questions of gender equality (no more than two pages long)
    Enquiries concerning this call for applications may be addressed to either or both directors of IGVI, Anke Graness ( and Valentin Beck (
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